Language, and tongues.. !

History is so deep, geography is always wide, deepness of history builds our cultural backgrounds, while wideness of geographic landscapes enriches our cultural diversity,

that’s what makes our social and political life that sophisticated !

Arabic language, the language of Holy Qur’an and legendary Arab centuries old poetry and literature is one of the oldest, richest and most powerful semitic languages in the middle east, around the world, almost one of the very few languages those kept their classic forms and grammatic rules through more than 10 centuries without major changes occurred, however, the wide geographic spread of Arabic language as an official language in more than 20 Arab states made the classic standard Arabic a subject for deep influence by Arabic local dialects and accents of different societies contained a wide spectrum of ethnic varieties and yet, deeply affected by colonial cultures and educational policies, that cast wide shadows on their local cultures and they daily used spoken languages.

Many varying Arab societies differed in their accents and dialects, pronounced classic standard Arabic indifferent ways, but they “all” kept the
standard form of Arabic language as their officially spoken and used to document their writings, broadcast their news, and announce their political speeches, while the Qur’an the Arabic sacred script, prophet Muhammad’s teachings, and Arabic poetry, all that heritage kept Arabic classic rules, grammar and pronunciation almost unchanged, along these long centuries. So standard Arabic reading and writing is the only form of Arabic spoken and written language which is totally understood by all Arab people in all societies from the far eastern Arab region in the Gulf states, to the far western region in Morocco and Sahara.

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