How this all started..

"theArabicVoice is a specialized talent base, and narration recording studios based in Cairo, Egypt, established as a B2B company to provide PURE, STANDARD, NATIVE Arabic voice recordings

for marketing, advertising and media production houses all over the world, who are targeting native Arab customers, and seeking native Arabic voice talents, high recording qualities and fine linguistic skills, yet.. limited to their budgets. 

theArabicVoice team aims to regain the elegant classic essence of Arabic wording and pronunciation while keeping the message as simple as needed to reach each single targeted customer.

Voice narration and copy editing in pure native standard Arabic language..."


This is how was I trying to describe my newly established company and recording studio, “hardly” opening in the middle of Cairo, born in parallel, with the eruption of Egyptian revolution of Jan 2011, in which I was one of protesters chanting in the streets, using my Voice ! which was almost the only capital I had until that moment.

Now it seems that things went so rapidly, when I look back at that references list placed on the home page, I feel like.. was it the vision I wrote down 3 years ago ? to become a world anchor of Arabic voice ? .. I believe that I and my team are now actually on the way .. however, there are still much to do, and much to achieve to reach this position, and accomplish that target.

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